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Domestic Modification of Shell Carbon Chemical Lock Valve

Initially, gasification lock bucket valves were considered appropriate to use imported brand ball valves, floating ball valves, metal tightly sealed. Because of the high pressure difference of the pulverized coal lock bucket valve and the high erosion of the office background, the valve body, the ball and the tight seal are seriously eroded, so the valve is very easy to be destroyed, and the number of valve changes seriously affects the production. Domestic modification of lock bucket valve of SHELL furnace must be carried out.

1 Valve failure end by analysis

(1) In the transportation of pulverized coal, the ball is easily wrapped by pulverized coal because of the high hardness of the end, the number of opening is easy to damage the metal tightly sealed, resulting in leakage and other problems. At this time, under the condition of high pressure difference, the valve body and tightly sealed face are very easy to erode, so the ordinary ball valve is used to survive. The service life is very short. It has been learned that the domestic rigid sealed shut-off valve should be used properly. The most frequently used shut-off valve will be changed once next week.

Damage of 12xv0223 valve ball of gasification pulverized coal lock bucket in June 2010: The valve ball has been eroded and the sealing face of the valve body has been seriously damaged.

Damage condition of June 12, 2010 xv0133: Damage to the sealing face of the valve.

(2) The other end of the driving ball valve destroyed is caused by high temperature, corrosion of the valve body and voids formed by a stream of air. In the process of switching the extra valve, the medium will surely enter the middle chamber of the valve. With the accumulation of the material in the middle chamber, the switching torque of the valve will increase, especially the accumulation of ultra-fine silicon powder, which will eventually lead to the destruction of the valve.

2 Solution

(1) Use high hardness wear-resistant ball valves or preferably with shear self-cleaning function

(2) Up to now, in the carbonization chemical engineering project, the disc valve is the first to be pushed in the position with more operation times. Its tightly sealed closed surface is the simplest surface structure, and every switch, the disc rotates semi-automatically at an angle. Even though the wear is also average wear, the reliability of the disc valve is much higher than that of the ball valve. Disc valves used to be the only ones in the United States at a very long price. At present, there are Shanghai Futais in China. Its structure is almost the same. However, many improvements have been made in hardening treatment, and the life span of its application has been greatly prolonged.

Double disc valve changed in June 2010: Bucket lock valve of pulverized coal preparation unit < br/>

3. Use of Things < br/>.

In July 2010, the discharging valves 12XV0131 and 12XV0132 between V1204 and V1205 were transformed into disc valves by Zhongyuan Dahua Enterprise, and the reverse blow valves were brought with them. Up to now, the two valves have been in normal operation and no abnormal switch problems have been revealed. The discharge valves 12XV0133 and 12XV0123 between V1201 and V1204 were reconstructed in December 2010. The two valves are equipped with backblow valves, so far they have been cut off and are in normal operation.

4 Summarize

Disc valves are similar to common metal tightly sealed shut-off valves in their unique features as follows: (1) Common metal tightly sealed shut-off valves are considered appropriate to use two separate seats for tightly sealed shut-off, with more leakage points. And the gap around the valve seat provides a place for wearing and accumulating of the transmission media, which seriously affects the normal operation of the valve and easily leads to the destruction of the valve seat. The disc valve drive device makes the disc (disc) rotate at a certain angle through the stem and rocker arm to successfully switch the valve. The disc tightly sealed closure is urgently fitted with the seat by means of spring. The spring pressure makes the disc tightly fitted on the seat at the beginning and end, and allows the disc to move in the vertical direction of the tightly sealed closure. This is helpful to reimburse the variation of valve parts caused by thermal expansion and cold contraction and the micro-abrasion after multiple switches, to overcome the influence of any back pressure change on the tight sealing and to avoid the particle medium entering the tight sealing between the closed surfaces. In the process of disc valve opening and closing, the seats are tightly sealed and face the difference of friction force between the disc and the tangent line, which makes the disc rotate in an opening and closing cycle and can continuously shear and thoroughly sweep away the media that may accumulate in the valve chamber during the process. Therefore, the problem of media accumulation in valve chamber is solved.

(2) Common metal tightly sealed shut-off valves, spherical three-dimensional hardening treatment is generally adopted by external chromium plating or ion nitriding, its hardening layer is very thin, because of the poor wear resistance of this product, resulting in a short life of use. The disc valve considers it appropriate to use group heating to make the bonded disc and seat have high hardness, satisfactory erosion resistance and corrosion resistance.

Because of this, the operation of domestic disc valves is satisfactory in the transmission of high-pressure dry coal powder in carbonization and chemical industry. Practice has proved that the localization transformation of coal lock bucket valves in SHELL coal dressing device of Zhongyuan Dahua Enterprise is successful.

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Contact:Miss Cheng
Address:No. 6, No. 18 Zhongtai science and Technology Park, No. A02, Huayuan Road, Garden Road, Baohe Economic Development Zone, Hefei
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