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Selection Basis and Principle of Marine Electromagnetic Valve

Selection Basis and Selection Principle of Marine Electromagnetic Valve

The selection of marine solenoid valves should first follow the four principles of safety, reliability, suitability for use and economy. Secondly, the selection should be based on six aspects of on-site working conditions (i.e. pipeline parameters, fluid parameters, pressure parameters, electrical parameters, action forms and special requirements).

Selection basis:

1. Selecting marine solenoid valves according to pipeline parameters: diameter specification (DN), interface form < br/>.

1) confirm the diameter (DN) of the pipeline according to the inside diameter or flow requirement; < br/>

2) Interface form, ordinary & gt; DN50 should choose flange interface, & le; DN50 can choose freely according to user's needs.

2. Selection of marine solenoid valves based on fluid parameters: material and temperature group < br/>.

1) Corrosive fluids: corrosion-resistant marine solenoid valves and stainless steel should be selected; food-grade stainless steel marine solenoid valves should be selected for edible super-clean fluids;

2) High temperature fluids: Marine electromagnetic valves made of high temperature resistant electrical materials and tightly sealed sealing materials should be selected as appropriate, and piston type structures should be selected;

3) Fluid conditions: as large as gas, liquid or mixed conditions, especially when the caliber is larger than DN25, must be distinguished;

4) Fluid Viscosity: Generally under 50 cSt can be arbitrarily selected, if more than this value, it is necessary to choose high viscosity marine solenoid valve.

3. Selection of Marine Electromagnetic Valves Based on Pressure Parameters: Principle and Structural Varieties

1) Nominal pressure: This parameter has the same meaning as other general valves and is determined by the nominal pressure of the pipeline;

2) Office pressure: If the office pressure is low, you must choose the direct or step-by-step principle; when the minimum office pressure difference is above 0.04 Mpa, the direct, step-by-step and pilot type can be used.

4. Electrical selection: Voltage specifications should give priority to AC220V and DC24.

5. Selection based on continuous office hours: normally closed, normally open, or continuously electrified < br/>.

1) When the marine solenoid valve needs to be opened for a long time, and the continuous time is longer than the closing time, the normal open type should be chosen;

2) If the opening time is short or the opening and closing time is not long, the normal closing type is chosen;

3) However, if it is used for safety and best care, such as monitoring and testing of furnace and kiln fire, it is not allowed to open regularly, and the long-term power-on type should be selected.

6. Select the corrective functions according to the background requirements: explosion-proof, check, manual, waterproof fog, water sprinkler, pluck the fierce son.

Selection principle < br />.


1. Corrosive media: Molecular compound plastics King marine solenoid valve and stainless steel should be selected; isolation diaphragm type should be selected for corrosive media. For neutral medium, copper alloy should also be used as the material of the valve case. Otherwise, there will be rust debris peeling in the valve case, especially when the action is not frequent. Ammonia valves can not be considered suitable for the use of copper.

2. Explosive Background: It is necessary to select the corresponding explosion-proof products. Waterproof and dust-proof products should be selected for open-air installation or dust-proof occasions.

3. The nominal pressure of marine solenoid valve should exceed the pressure of no-up office in pipe.


1. The Special Nature of Media

1) Select different kinds of marine solenoid valves for gas, liquid or mixed conditions;

2) The media temperature is different for products of different specifications, otherwise the coil will burn and the tightly sealed sealing parts will be aged, which will seriously affect the life of survival;

3) Medium viscosity, generally below 50 cSt. If the diameter is greater than 15 mm, the multi-function marine electromagnetic valve is used; when the diameter is less than 15 mm, the high viscosity marine electromagnetic valve is used.

4) When the media cleanliness is not high, the backwash overflow valve should be installed in front of the marine solenoid valve. When the pressure is low, the direct diaphragm type marine solenoid valve can be selected;

5) If the media is directed circulation and no countercurrent is allowed, it needs two-way circulation;

6) Medium temperature should be within the permissible range of marine solenoid valves.

2. Pipeline parameter

1) Select valve opening and type according to media flow direction requirement and pipeline connection form;

2) The nominal diameter can be chosen according to the flow rate and Kv value of the valve, or the same inner diameter of the pipeline;

3) Office Pressure Difference: Minimum Office Pressure Difference is 0More than 0.04 Mpa is the indirect pilot type, and the direct or step-by-step direct type must be selected if the minimum office pressure difference is close to or less than zero.

3. Background condition

1) The highest and lowest background temperatures should be within the allowable range;

2) For the occasions of high relative humidity and raindrops in the background, Waterproof Marine solenoid valves should be selected;

3) There are often oscillations in the background, and special types should be selected in such occasions as ups and downs and shocks, such as marine electromagnetic valves;

4) The use in corrosive or explosive background should give priority to the selection of corrosion-resistant type according to safety requirements;

5) If the background space is limited, the multi-functional marine electromagnetic valve should be selected, because it omits bypass and pickpocket manual valves and is easy to maintain online.

4. Power supply condition

1) According to the type of power supply, AC and DC marine solenoid valves are selected. In general, AC power supply is easy to access;

2) AC220V.DC24V is preferred for voltage specifications with ergonomic force;

3) Power supply voltage ripple is generally selected as AC + 100% 100. - 15% 100%, DC permission & plusmn; 100% or so, if it is out of tolerance, voltage stabilization should be adopted;

4) Quota current and power consumption should be selected according to the volume of power supply. Attention should be paid to the high value of VA in AC starting, and the indirect pilot marine electromagnetic valve should be preferred when the volume is insufficient.

5. Control precision < br/>

1) The usual marine solenoid valves have only two positions of opening and closing, and many marine solenoid valves should be selected at the time of high precision control and safe and stable parameter requirements;

2) Operation time: refers to the time when the electrical signal is connected or cut off to the completion of the main valve operation;

3) Leakage: The number of leaks given on the sample is the commonly used economic grade.


1. The length of office life, which is not included in the factory trial project, belongs to the type of trial project. In order to ensure the quality, we should choose the famous brand products from the regular manufacturers.

2. Office system: long-term office system, repeated instantaneous office system and instantaneous office system. For long-term valve guidance only instantaneous closure of the situation, it is advisable to use the electromagnetic valve often open for ships.

3. Office frequency: When the operation frequency is high, the structure should select the direct marine solenoid valve, and the power supply should listen to the optimal AC.

4. Movement Reliability

Strictly speaking, this attempt has not yet been formally included in the professional standards of China's marine solenoid valves. In order to ensure the quality, we should choose the famous brand products of the regular manufacturers. On some occasions, the number of action returns is not much < br/>.
However, we should not ignore the long-standing requirements of reliability, such as fire fighting, close and best care, etc. Especially critical, we should also adopt two double guarantees.


It is one of the criteria chosen, but it must be economical on the basis of safety, suitability and reliability.

Economy is not only the price of the product, but also the cost of installation, maintenance and other accessories.

More importantly, the cost of a marine solenoid valve in the whole automatic control system and even in the production line is insignificant. If we try our best to make a small mistake and cause damage to the group, it is very big.

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