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Successful Realization of Ship Gate Adjustment Check on Operator Station

In thermal power plants, before each unit starts to work, especially after the check and repair of the turbine regulating valve, it is necessary to perform the static relationship setting among the servo valves, LVDT and servo cards of the turbine regulating valve, so as to ensure the control precision and linearity of each servo mechanism, so as to satisfy the static relationship requirements of the unit for the servo system. Successfully realize the rapid and accurate control of the turbine regulating valve in the operation of the unit to ensure the safe and economic operation of the unit.

Successful realization of steam turbine valve servo system calibration and servo plate condition inspection inspection, often considered appropriate to use two forms. One is to point out the operation of the servo card directly in the DCS control cabinet, such as pointing out the operation through jumper or communication to the notebook. This form is carried out step by step manually. It needs to remember the operation steps and methods, which are relatively complicated and trivial, and is suitable for on-site adjustment; the other is to point out the operation through thinking rules and screen configuration. Semi-automatic operation has been successfully realized on the operator's station, which is simple, convenient and agile, and is warmly welcomed by those who operate and protect their positions.

1 System Servo Valve Check

When the system is checking and inspecting the servo system of turbine regulating valve, it also provides two forms: one is to use serial port checking, the other is to use screen checking.

1.1 Use serial port to check

Through serial port verification and communication between notebook and DCS control cabinet servo card, the direct operation of servo card in DCS control cabinet is successfully realized. The preparation and operation described below are required.

A notebook computer with 9-pin serial port and a special communication line (one end is 9-pin serial port plug, the other end is RJ45 transparent crystal head), the transparent crystal head of the communication line is inserted into the J2 socket of the servo card (called VP card in the system), and the other end is inserted into the 9-pin serial port of the notebook computer. Open notebook computer, in Windows system & ldquo; proceed with & rdquo; click on menu, select & ldquo; attachment & rdquo; and then select & ldquo; communication & rdquo; and then click on & ldquo; Super Terminal & rdquo; use & ldquo when connecting; in option, select COM port inserted by communication line, and set reference variables for the next port The situation is shown in Table 1.

Table 1 Super Terminal Communication Serial COM Port Settings Parameter

When the super terminal is successfully deployed, pressing the return key will reveal “!” remind, at this time, you can input instructions to perform valve position verification, where the verification process is semi-automatic and semi-automatic saved to disk. If input & ldquo; HELP & rdquo; (the internal meaning of input is not revealed), there will be some parameters and instructions related to gate control after return. If you want to change the above parameters, you will enter them as they are and give new values, then you need to input instructions & ldquo; SC & rdquo; and save them to disk. The verification process is as follows: < br />.

(1) Input the instructions of & ldquo; & rdquo; (adjusting the whole journey of the door) first, the actuator will switch from 0 to 100 percent and then from 100 percent to 0 percent, that is, semi-automatic switch once. If abnormal is found, the card can be manually pulled out. At this time, the adjusting door will be semi-automatic closed to 0;

(2) Check the situation of the adjusting action, input & ldquo; demand = 50 & rdquo; (50% opening) and other instructions to test the actual opening of the adjusting door;

(3) Input & ldquo; EXIT & rdquo; instruction exit, return to!!!! Status, then the VP card lights up and the verification is completed.

1.2 Use the screen to check

For the use of screen verification, the text description of the system only gives a rough introduction, many details are not explained clearly, and the technical position of the manufacturer does not provide relevant information. This makes it more difficult for DCS configuration engineers to use this form of configuration when they think it is appropriate. Especially in this configuration presupposition, besides providing users with strong window dialog function, it also involves more advanced applications such as text graphics language.

In the practical application of power plants, configuration engineers often do not preset this configuration. When checking the steam turbine regulating valve, they can only think that the first form is suitable to successfully realize the validation. With the passage of time, many inconveniences and difficulties have been brought to the operation and protection of the unit. The main expressions are: communication line fault, abnormal notebook computer, communication fault and so on during serial port verification. Especially when the unit is close to the start-up, it is very tight to carry out the gate adjustment check as soon as possible without encountering difficulties. If you think it is appropriate to use the screen to carry out the adjustment check, you only need to point out that the operation is completed at the operator station. It will not be affected by communication failure or abnormal notebook computer. The adjustment check and protection become very convenient.

2. Successful implementation of screen verification

The uniqueness of the joint system itself is to successfully carry out the turbine valve adjustment check on the screen at the operator's station, mainly through the following three aspects of office work.

2.1 Configuration of Complete Tuning Gate Thinking Law < br/>

Firstly, it is necessary to add the status word naming of the servo card, which is LP point. Then, in the thought rule configuration, it takes part in the status word collection algorithm RVPSTATUS configuration of the VP card, and finally compiles and unloads it into the corresponding controller.

Two2 Configuration Check Screen

In order to successfully realize the verification of screen configuration, if only use configuration, it is difficult to achieve success. Needs to understand (is the actual grammar of system graphics display items and thinking rules items, refer to the text description of the system - ldquo; OS170-91 & rdquo; partial), know its grammatical rules and application methods clearly.

The system provides graph, which can successfully upload, download and adjust the parameters of VP card. By uploading and downloading the parameters, the correction of the parameters of VP card can be implemented; by adjusting the gate check instructions, the calibration values of 0 bits and 100% of 100 bits and the gain of demodulator can be semi-automatically confirmed, and the screen can be manually debugged.

In the analysis of figure configuration, three application procedures 3, and 9 are mainly used. The application procedures can successfully read values from the input fields of the screen and return the final results, such as reading the gain of PI adjustment and comparing the range of manual input to determine whether the final results are accurate. The source code section of local procedures is summarized as follows:


The application procedure 105 can successfully realize the attribute information of the change point from the screen operation. It can also create an operation event message, which can be output to the printer or stored in the event diary. With its functions, the door adjustment, uploading and unloading operation can be successfully realized. As for the 0-bit check of the switch gate, the excerpt of the local procedure source code section is as follows:

Procedure 119 is used to expose the values in the input fields. In configuration checking, in order to reveal the values in each input field for the operator to check. The excerpt of its partial procedure source code section is as follows:

Knowing these three application procedures clearly, it is no longer difficult to successfully verify screen configuration. Additionally, on the basis of knowing these three application procedures clearly, we should understand their grammar rules and general knowledge of computer programming, read the source code of screen configuration, integrate the actual situation of production, implement indispensable corrections, and then apply them to production and operation, as shown in Figure 1.

Two3 Configuration deployment using screen

In order to be easy to check and operate, we can select & ldquo; & rdquo; screen in DEH system. In this screen, VP cards are added to the top of the instruction and feedback bar chart of each gate, and GraphBuilder is opened. In the configuration of the exposed characters, the following conditional statements are used (& ldquo; / 041-02797-TOUT3W& Rdquo;

At the lower part of the instruction and feedback histogram of each adjusting door, the corresponding adjusting door check button is added, and the screen is successfully popped up by clicking the key, and the corresponding parameters are transferred. Take CV1 tuning door as an example, the original screen code is as follows:

The final result of configuration deployment using screen is shown in Figure 2.

#6 Turbine Operator Station Executing Valve Calibration and Allocations Using Screen

3. Preventing misoperation < br/>.

On the operator's station, it is very simple to check the valve of the steam turbine on the screen. If you need to check CV1 of # 1 high-voltage adjustable door, its operation steps are: click on & ldquo; CV1CALIBRATE & rdquo; key, pop-up screen (as shown in Figure 1), click on & ldquo; UPLOAD & rdquo; key, the corresponding parameters in CV1 servo card are shown, and then click on & ldquo; CALIBRATE & rdquo; Full-range verification of CV1 is successfully realized by pressing buttons. You can also click on the screen's & ldquo; 0% 100 & rdquo; and & ldquo; 100% 100 & rdquo; and other keys to successfully achieve other checks such as 0-bit and 100% 100-bit, as well as direct correction of parameters and variables.

VP card parameters are kept in two places, one is the EE memory of VP card, and the other is the record of VPSTATUS algorithm in the thinking pattern configuration. If VP card failure needs to change, just click on the screen & ldquo; DOWNDOAD & rdquo; buttons, parameters from the VPSTATUS algorithm records downloaded to the VP card, the VP card can work normally. This function is very practical and convenient, and the use of notebook serial port verification, after each verification is completed, the parameters of each switch must be saved as a file, which is kept in the computer for reference and use. It should be noted that after screen validation of steam turbine valves, the parameters of VP card will not be uploaded semi-automatically to the VPSTATUS algorithmic record after each validation is completed. It needs to click on & ldquo; UPLOAD & rdquo; keys.

After the unit is running, clicking on the calibration button on the calibration screen will have a serious impact on the door adjustment in operation. In order to eliminate the influence of complete unit operation and avoid the occurrence of misoperation, the following code segments are inserted into the source code of the check screen:

Successful implementation of DEH system after RUN, all of its operation keys are ineffective, so it has the effect of avoiding misoperation. Additionally, in order to avoid the operation of the person in charge, when the screen is unloaded, the calibration screen can not be unloaded to the operator station, but only to the Engineer station, which is operated by the thermal engineer to perform the turbine valve calibration, so as to avoid the occurrence of misoperation.

4 Summary

It is a complicated process, but it is also a once-in-a-lifetime thing that the system graphics language configuration is used to successfully implement the turbine regulating validation by clicking the calibration button on the operator's station. For those companies in power generation, steel and chemical industry who think it is appropriate to use the system, screen calibration is mainly used in gate adjustment and protection, and the form of notebook serial port calibration is supplemented in case of parting. It not only has the advantages of quick and convenient operation, but also is conducive to abnormal adjustment and fault analysis of gate adjustment. 。

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Contact:Miss Cheng
Address:No. 6, No. 18 Zhongtai science and Technology Park, No. A02, Huayuan Road, Garden Road, Baohe Economic Development Zone, Hefei
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